How to Find A Good Tennis Coach

How to Find A Good Tennis Coach

One of the most important things you need to know is how to find a good tennis coach with whom you have a good affinity, with whom you have full confidence and respect both the player and the coach, basically what they call “chemistry”. Among the points to consider to find a good coach we can highlight the following:


It has to be a coach that connects emotionally with the player

It is important that the coach knows how to identify the player’s emotions since tennis is a sport that requires both physically and mentally, the coach must be able to read the player and make decisions correct depending on the case.

Your coach should avoid giving inaccurate messages

The trainer has to use almost always a technical and precise language so that the player understands the instructions in an easy way, and has to be a trainer that does not use expressions like “raise your hand!”, And other instructions that hinder learning.


Maximizes learning by doing

The best way to learn tennis is undoubtedly learning by doing, although it is important that the player knows the technical aspects, rules and other things, learning by doing is the only way that the body learns to react in a certain situation


The coach must have at least 5 years of experience as a coach

To ensure that he has enough experience to work with inexperienced players and even children. The experience should not only be in the sports field, but also in the psychological, control of emotions and body control, since all these aspects are key at the time of a competition.


It is important to understand that a coach usually trains several children at the same time

You only get to have an exclusive teacher when you reach the professional field. If the coach is going to work with children it is essential to have the opinion of other parents to know how the coach communicates with them and to know if the coach is really good. Parents will know if their children are being well trained.


You have to feel comfortable with his coach

The best feedback is going to give your son, if the trained is him, it is your son who will tell you if he likes the way he teaches his coach, since it depends on whether you like tennis or not. If your child feels motivated to attend the practices then it is because he has a good coach.
In case you think it is necessary, change the coach until you can find one that you consider appropriate, and that you possess all the qualities mentioned above. It’s no use if you like tennis but you hate your coach, it just does not work.


Finally, having a good coach and being consistent with tennis are essential for the person to advance in the sport, but in the case of children it is essential that parents do not meddle in the coach’s teachings, but rather that they have enough freedom to teach in the best possible way. Nor should pressure be exerted on children, since being too demanding with them can result in them hating the sport and ending up leaving it behind.