Rules In Sports

Rules, the neglected side of sports

The rules are presented to us since we are very small, for example things we should not do, things that we should not say, in general they tell us how to behave. As we grow and begin to relate to other human beings through the game we begin to explore and to know the rules that can be intrinsic or some others that must be explained by their complexity. Little by little and almost without realizing, we adopt and create a lot of rules that give control to our lives, both as individuals and as a society.


So, if you care about the rules for a person’s development, why do they get neglected so much in sports?

We almost always witness many rules that are good for athletes, from anti-doping rules to rules of behavior. Athletes prefer in many cases to ignore the rules of sports to obtain a better result in their encounters, although this means competitiveness and sportsmanship in many cases.


One of the main causes of this behavior is that the rules and their respective penalties have been left aside, almost without problems since the creation of the first rules for such sports, when the rules have to go at the speed that the sport changes. The rules can evolve to the category that athletes evolve, otherwise it can and usually happens, that people find legal gaps that give them an advantage over their opponents when facing the court.


The scenario where the questions are more frequent than the previous ones, with the less frequent recipients in all sports, although there are some rules more difficult to change or modify than others there is always the dilemma about whether changing a rule would give or take advantage of one athlete over another.


There are also cases in which the rules do not have to be updated with respect to the athletes, but they have to do it with respect to the sport and the advances that are entitled to the technology.


For example, we can take the case of “Monkey kick” in Olympic Taekwondo, where athletes use their techniques for other, stranger ones with which they benefit from the technology of electronic equipment. For this case, the Technical Council of the WTF had a deliberate meeting, since the damage was done in the Olympics, where the use of these kicks was noticeable.


The rules in sports, as well as the rules for each sport in particular, such as those in the state in which the athletes are, the sport and the sports community in general.